im·pe·tus: the force that makes something happen

Unlocking digital marketing in today’s landscape is like unlocking a code, unlocking where your audience lives, how to reach them, and most importantly, how to give them the most value in the small window of attention you have with them. Zodiac Code is here to help you unlock that code, and make growth happen.


Growth Management

With experience managing and gaining efficiencies in demand generation, we are sure to expand your business


Growth Strategy

With a decade of experience in the paid marketing industry, we have proven strategies to get your company scaling


Marketing Audits

Not sure what you need? Let us take a look at your accounts and see where there are opportunities to scale or save


Current Clients


Supercharged Biteable’s Facebook growth by implementing a layered remarketing journey, detailed demand generation campaigns and expanding new user segments. By focusing on user segments and providing relevant content to these segments, we’ve been able to lower cost per purchase, and increase monthly acquisitions of new users within months.



Route is a brand new shipping insurance app on Shopify that is tackling a space in the market that no company has ever done before. With Zodiac Code managing the digital marketing and growth of Route, the Shopify App went from 0 customers to 600 - and growing! Using clever targeting and an unmatched product, Route continues to scale as a start-up.


Co-Author of Facebook Video Lab - Biteable

We co-wrote the book for video marketing success on Facebook. Want to take your growth in your own hands? Check out our book for everything you need to know on how to create scalable, ROI driving Facebook campaigns using video.